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OCTOBER 7th 2012 - The Halloween Challenge is back after five years.

I am delighted to announce, after almost over five years of absence, the Halloween Horror Challenge is back again! Confirmed, Jay Slayer from The Dark Side as the Judge and The evening will be compèred by actress Miranda Magee.

The top films will be screened at The Roxy Bar and Screen in London. This event will start at 8pm on

24th November 2012.

The full address is:

Roxy Bar and Screen

128 Borough High St

London, SE1 1LB

Their web address is

Organised by Aaron Demski. The aim of the event is encourage low-budget filmmakers to produce a Halloween short horror movie based on “The Last Journey Home” Theme

With a host of other special guests and an enjoyable evening for all film maker enthusiasts who want to network and gain more exposure.   

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The last journey home challenge - Copyrights 2012

OCTOBER 10th 2012 - Shoot your film with The Black Magic Camera

The film challenge has started and there is a host of new camcorders coming out, one of them is the “The Black Magic Camcorder”. This camcorder will allow you to shoot 2.5K raw  video and allow you to use different lens from Canon EF and L series range. Phillip Boom has just recently reviewed it. Check it out!

Video review of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

OCTOBER 12th 2012 - The Halloween Challenges from the Past

The Halloween Challenge started in 2004 whereby, I made and blogged a short film in a week about Halloween.. Here is a look at the past Halloween  Challenges:

Click on the link to visit the different pages